Cartier AU 'Juste en Clou' - Directors Cut


The Directors Cut is tribute to the crew who pulled favours, turning the original around in under four days. What remained unseen in the original was the three incredibly talented dancers who gave the film movement, character, feelings and freedom. They are now a big part of the film and integral to the story.

I also felt the film needed a story behind it, voiced in French (with a gesture to the Cartier birthplace), Brooke crafted a gripping monologue that fit like a tee.

The sound design and composition was also of great importance, so it was a given that the services of Jonny Higgins were used. His wild energy and passion poured throughout gives the film the dips and turns, and takes you on a wild sensory journey.

Talent + Movement:
Rita Ora
Georgia Fowler
Jessica Gomes
Inges Ildnik
Amy Zhang
Callum Mooney
Sophia Oboshi
Sami Jane Smith

Producer - Annaebell Jewers
Director - Simon Morehead
DP - Campbell Brown
1st AC - Jani Hakli
Trinity/Steadicam - Tim Walsh
Edit - Simon Morehead + Louis Brandt
Gaff - Matt Russell
Russian Arm - AJK
Equipment - Arri Australia, Southern Cross Cameras

Script - Brooke Morehead

Tags: Brand Film Cartier Dance fashion Rita Ora