Chris Sebastian - 'Hard To Get To Love'


Hard To Get To Love was by far the most challenging (also exciting) film to date. Julius (DP) and I wanted for the film to feel as though we were continually on repeat, with the scene changing to replicate the emotions and point in time within Chris' life.

The steadicam movements and actions within each scene had to be timed to perfection as Chris enters and exits the door. For it to feel like the same shot the camera had to leave and enter the door at the same heights.

What has eventuate is a music video that brings you into the world of groundhog day, where it feels that no matter what, the same thing keeps on occurring. It's not until there's that supreme moment that Chris
can finally take note and move on to better.


A Crater Global Production

Directed by Simon Morehead
Cinematography by Julius Koivistoinen

Producers — Steven Farrer & Justin Solomons
1st AD — Ed de Carvalho
1st AC — Tom Brooks
2nd AC — Mondo Hays
Gaffer — Nicholas Thomsen
Electrician — Luke Fuller
Steadicam — J. K.
Steadicam Assistant — Jordan Hill
Stylist — Ellie Hinkley
MUAH — Renee Sayed
Colourist — Julien Chichignoud
Design — Matthew Freeman

Equipment provided by
Panavision Australia, ARRI Australia & Rentacam

Featuring Chris Sebastian
Supported Roles — Vanessa Madrid, Tanya Stone, Adele Hamer, Sabina Alfonso