LAKYN - 'Wayfarer'


Music film clip for new EP 'Wayfarer'.

Wayfarer presented itself with an opportunity to explore moments in one’s life that pass you by. Even though some may feel insignificantly small, the act of acknowledgement or presence in that point in time brings with it great joy. The most enjoyable process of directing this clip was collaborating with Lakyn and DP Matt Maule on how we bought in a greater purpose and journey within. With the track itself being so strong, it had to represent Lakyn. We wanted to it to feel as though we were really getting inside his head, connecting on a deeper level. Matts ability to bank each shot using portrait like framing along with the decision to use our tracking dolly really sets the tone for building all characters within.

Artist - Lakyn
Label - Island Records Australia
A&R - Ally Cole
Angus Russell

Production - Crater
EP - Steven Farrer
Commercials Lead - Justin Solomons
Director - Simon Morehead
DP - Matt Maule
Grip - Kris Wallis (KW grips)
Gaffer - Charles Gray (Focus Films)
Edit - Simon Morehead
Colour - Marcus Friedlander
Digital and Socials - Brooke Morehead

Talent - Carole Sharkey Waters, Yannick Lawry, Kelli Bailey, Monica Russell, Ethan Bijoy, Irene Backer, Darrell Keith Hoffman, Janice Ross

Tags: music clip music