Local Supply - Brand Film


Winner of Best Director at the 2018 Australian Fashion Film Awards, the LOCAL Supply Summer 17/18 campaign celebrates the foundation and philosophy upon which the brand was built on back in 2013 – that of inclusivity, diversity and creative expression. 

The piece beautifully executed by bringing together four incredible talents from across Australia who embody the brands values.

Local Supply - Alexander Wu-Kim & Sean Satha
iManifest - Joanna Pretyman & Laura Colontonio

Producer - Crater
Director - Simon Morehead
DOP - Louis Brandt
1st AC - Ed de Carvhalo
2nd Ac - Brooke Morehead
Editor - Louis Brandt
Sound Design - Jonny Higgins
Colourist - Matthew Campbell
Title Track - Genesis Owusu 'Drive Slow'
Photographic Campaign @ Every Last Second
Talent - Genesis Owusu, Mitch Orr, Oli Burtaev, Ecca Vandal