'Londons Calling' - Tyne-James Organ


The music video for London’s Calling took place within the Mangrove Creek area. It was the perfect setting to really build out the story between Tyne and a previous relationship he shared. It acted as their place of ‘getaway,’ the cabin they’d visit with just the two of them and no one else around.

Often we reflect upon the rough times with our ex-partners, disregarding the special moments we shared. Tyne, along with Director Simon Morehead and DP Jack Shepherd, worked together to ensure London’s Calling bought out both sides to the story of the two. The film needed to have scenes set up that revealed the joy coupled with the sad.

The emotive film clip Produced by Brooke Morehead and Crater, provides really spectacular moments with our lead talent in Tyne and Tyra Cartledge connecting to form an on-screen presence sharing love, laughter and heart ache within their characters.

With the track centralised on a calling to London, the vision was to ingest a British tone and mood to the film. DP Jack Shepherd bought subtlety and a feeling of rawness to the clip, opting to use a single light source throughout the film. What it brings is nothing too forced or commercial, it provides an edge of realness and makes the audience feel very much a part of the scenes.

Talent – Tyne-James Organ & Tyra Cartledge

Director – Simon Morehead
DP/Edit – Jack Shepherd
Producer – Brooke Morehead
Production – Crater
Sound Design – Luke Fuller