Luna Laure - Canteen Christmas Appeal - Jess' Story

Creative Direction

Jess Selwood knew she wasn’t well, but she’d put it down to being exhausted and home sick. Jess was diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma, which usually has a life expectancy of 12 months. It’s now been 22 months since her diagnosis, having been treated with radiation and chemotherapy she will remain on until it stops working. The treatment she’s having usually goes for 12 rounds but she’s up to round 23.

This film explores Jess’ journey and the strength she continues to carry in order to raise awareness and support in Canteen.

Canteen’s Christmas appeal raises money for its SPACE program which stands for Surviving, Prospering and Adjusting to the Cancer Experience.

Filmed in Perth, Crater used the services of its’ local WA Director Luna Laure to execute the campaign with her select crew.

Production Company & Agency: Crater
Head of Production: Steven Farrer
Creative Direction: Simon Morehead & Ed de Carvalho
APAC Commercial Director: Justin Solomons
Director: Luna Laure
DP: Lewis Potts
AC: Brianna Trinidad
Edit: Ed de Carvalho
Colourist:Julien Chichignoud
Sound Mix: James Martell
Stills: Hannah Jones
CAST: Jess Selwood

Tags: documentary narrative not for profit