Luna Laure - Canteen 'Harrys Story'

Creative Direction

Canteens campaign centring around ambassador Harry Barnetson, who at 12 years of age had his pregnant mother diagnosed with Cancer, brings awareness to Canteen’s impact and support in one’s cancer journey. Canteen, set up by a group of young cancer patients in 1985, gives its’ ambassadors the opportunity to share their story and a chance to pay it forward.

Client - Canteen
Ali Morgan - Marketing and Communications Manager
Madison Murphy - Single Gift Appeals Manager

Creative & Production - Crater Global (AU)
Executive Producer - Steven Farrer
Commercials Lead - Justin Solomons
Creative Director - Simon Morehead
Social Media Manager - Brooke Morehead
Director - Luna Laure
DP - Lewis Potts
AC - Brianna Trinidad
Editor - Lima Oz & Luna Laure
Stills - Hannah Jones
Sound Mix - James Martell
Colourist - Julien Chichignoud