Not Ready For Love - Tyne-James Organ


New single release from Tyne-James Organ from his upcoming album.

As soon as I heard Not Ready For Love it hit a chord. With what’s been happening this year things have felt a bit stale but this track made things move. It drives you, makes you reflect and has an element of adventure.

The music video explores the searching of self and finding your inner solace. It's a story of one, and an understanding that you can be bigger than what was. It’s a building up of confidence and coming of age. Having worked with Tyne on previous occasions, I knew who he was but did the audience? Jack (DP) and I felt his true personality hadn’t quite been brought to life on screen. As someone with such charisma and ownership on stage, we needed to find a way in which captured a story but also allowed performance to be evident.

Within my directing I love to evoke movement and dance. For anyone that has seen Tyne perform, they’ve experienced his unique style in dance. This became the key moment of change in the film for when he danced, his ownership was found.

Filmed over the course of four days with a light crew of three and a family van, we took the opportunity to get the hell out of the hustle and bustle. Venturing into the outback there was an observation of the land and the locals, and acknowledgement that there's more to life than what we think there is. It set the perfect landscape for visual beauty and for Tyne to really put on show the performer he is.

Production - Crater 
Talent - Tyne-James Organ
Talent Management - Dew Process
Director/Producer - Simon Morehead
DP - Jack Shepherd
AD + Editor - Ed de Carvalho
Colourist - Julien Chichignoud
Equipment - Rentacam

Tags: Music Video