60" Brand advert

RedZed is a lender in the Australian mortgage market offering a range of residential & commercial mortgage products for customers that require a loan solution.

Brand & Marketing Communications - Carlos Fernandez
Manager Events and Partnerships Manager - Petra Zutic
Melbourne Storm Partnerships - Hollie Stone
Agency - The Royals
Senior Producer - Naomi Nienaber
Business Director - Haley Dion
Freelance Creative - Chris Stewart
Production - Infinity2
Executive Producer - David Jansen
Senior Producer - Erin McBean
Producer - Brenton Matulick
Director - Simon Morehead
DP - Casimir Dickson
1ST AC - Sarah Turner
Gaffer - Chris Walsingham
Sound Recordist - Francis Byrne
Art Department - Lou Wester
Edit - Simon Morehead
Colourist - Julien Chichignoud

Talent - Melbourne Storm, Luis, Khema de Silva