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It was either a downpayment on a house in Sydney or a festival. In 2017, Stefan took a year off work directing award-winning films to turn We’re All Going to Die Festival into a reality at COMMUNE, Waterloo.

The concept for the festival evolved in response to his own experience with anxiety,“two years ago I suffered from anxiety, and it sucked,” says Hunt. “I was so afraid of the unknown that I couldn’t make a simple life decision. My life spiralled.”

At the height of this suffering, Hunt found himself sitting on a rock overlooking the ocean where he penned a poem 'We’re All Going To Die'. It wasn’t morbid. In fact the sheer act of writing it shifted his perspective on his day-to-day fears.

In this film, we take an insiders look into the man behind the name Stefan Hunt and how his multi medium concept for 'We're All Going To Die' went from an idea to a reality.

Stefan proves that your fear, anxiety, outlook on life and thoughts about death can all be overcome. In forming a community, speaking out and facing it head on, we are able to work with one another in conquering the problem and living each day with life bursting at the seams.

DIRECTOR - Simon Morehead
DOP - Louis Brandt
EDIT - Simon Morehead
EDIT ASSIST - Brooke Morehead
ART DIRECTION - Matthew Freeman
MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN - Jonny Higgins
COLOURIST - Matt Campbell

Crater would like to thank Stefan Hunt, the team from 'We're All Going To Die', Vanessa Marian and Rentacam.

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