SYNC - Short Film

Sync explores the attempt in striving to achieve the pursuit of accomplishment to the highest level.

In an era where sports are glorified businesses, the athletes themselves heroes, the world of synchronised swimming struggles to achieve similar recognition.

It's a discipline whereby participants refer to their art as running a 400m sprint whilst holding the breathe and dancing under water. It’s a moneyless sport where pure passion is evident. It’s you and your teammates. Underwater silence. Dedication.

'Sync' explores the world of Olia Burtaev, born from Russian decent and migrating at an early age to Australia. Olia, a strong minded and committed individual, breaks the Russian code that very often sets females on a direction to live the traditional life of finding 'the one' and making life of it, no matter the dream.

What also separates Olia, is the belief beheld on her by parents. They understood the importance of raising and standing by their daughter allowing for a clearer path in life.

An Olympian at 16, Olia wasn’t just in it for the sport but the repayment to those who supported her. The balance to give back was of equal importance as to that of what Olia herself gained from the successes.


Lead Female - Olia Burtaev
Support Females - Mila Burtaev, Mikayla Khoury, Vanessa Jackson


Production - Crater
Head of Production - Steven Farrer
Writers - Simon Morehead & Jessica Ameduri
Director - Simon Morehead
AD/Producer - Jessica Ameduri
DOP - Louis C. Brandt
Underwater DOP - Stefan Jose
1st AC - Edward de Carvalho
Gaffer - Storm Ashwood & Glenn Jones
Prod Assist - Sara Wills
Photography - Grant Smith
Art Direction - Matthew Freeman
Editor - Ed de Carvalho
Music Composition & Mix - Jonny Higgins
Colourist - Matt Fezz


Arri Australia


Duti Studios
Lee Family
Valley Swimming Pool Brisbane
Blue Mountains


Burtaev Family
Aden Heymans
Peter - Rentacam
Craig Phillpot
John & Lorraine Brandt


Synchronized Swimming Club - Gold Coast Mermaids Synchronized Swimming
National Coaches - Marina Kholod & Anna Nepotacheva
Training Venue - Southport Aquatic Centre / Sleeman Sports Complex
Sponsors - KooGa Australia & FUNKITA Swimwear
Committees - Australian Olympic Committee / Queensland Academy of Sport/ Synchronized Swimming Australia

And her family.