Tyne-James Organ "Sunday Suit"


“Sunday Suit is all about dancing away your troubles. In the nude. But alone so it’s not creepy lol. But bringing it to life visually I didn’t want to sing the words ‘dancing naked’ so I thought a Sunday Suit could be a nod to that. This is one of my favourites on the record and I’m very excited to play it live!”

  • Tyne-James Organ

Label - Dew Process
Production - Crater Global
Head of Production - Steven Farrer
Producer - Brooke Morehead & Justin Solomons
Director - Simon Morehead
DP - Jack Shepherd
AC - Molly Sutherland
Gaffer - Nicholas Thomsen
Best Boy - Elder
Hair & Make Up - Renee Sayed
Choreography - Cassandra Merwood
Dancers - Cassandra Merwood, Shannon Hanrahan, Gelina Enriquez, Juwai Pitkin
Edit - Simon Morehead
Colour - Julien Chichignoud

With thanks to Nick @ Anitas Theatre for the location.